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What we do

Omega Smart Fashion

From the choice of cloth through to such details as the number and positioning of pockets and the shape of lapel, the customer has the freedom to design the suit or garment which will meet his or her needs.

This responsiveness to the client's requirements coupled with the benefit of our experience produces optimum results. For us, there is a big distinction between "good" and "perfect". It is of paramount importance that we are entirely happy with the end product and the customer is confident in his, or her, sartorial presentation.

It is not just the perfect fitting of cloth to the body which is the hallmark of OMEGA SMART FASHION - it is that indefinable element of style. Every suit is individually designed, hand cut and hand tailored to the highest standard attainable.

We are highly regarded by our customers for achieving the highest standards of quality in everything we do, and our meticulous attention to detail.



From the moment you book an appointment to the moment you collect your garment, our team are committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Award-winning Customer Service

Take advantage of our Free Consultation & Fitting when you use our alterations service. We will focus on your needs and work with you on a one-to-one basis.

Complimentary Consultation

We have the experience of working on all types of fabrics and materials that overall are not easy to alter. We are highly regarded for our superior craftsmanship.

Specialists in delicate fabrics

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